Design & Concept

We set out to make your space an intimate and special place, both comfortable and sophisticated. Minimalist, classic or contemporary, our designs range from furniture to accessories, fabrics to decorative pieces, providing a solution to every essential furnishing requirement.


You can be sure we use the best. 95% hand woven, they perfectly combine technology with craftsmanship.


The foundation of rattan furniture, it can be used on its own or served as a structure to be weaved with wicker or others materials. Rattan gives a clean line look to the finished product and has 20% flexibility


Derived from big core rattan, it is cut into small, thin pieces with special machines. Used for weaving, wicker is fine and flexible and can be single, double or triple weaved, depending on the design


Abaca is an environment-friendly material, a species of banana native to the Philippines. It is classified as a hard fibre and grows an average of 15 feet. It produces rigged and tough-looking designs and is suitable for use in tropical climate.

Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth's stems are dried and its fibres are taken to form strands of string each. These pieces of string are woven to form hemp used for making furniture. Though largely found in South America, this material is susceptible to growing fungus when exposed to high humidity areas

Synthetic rattan

Synthetic rattan is a polyethylene-based fiber which is characterized by its high flexibility and high tensile strength. Due to its ability to withstand any weather conditions, synthetic rattan is widely used for most rattan outdoor furniture and in rattan patio furniture.


The creation of our furniture is produced entirely in-house. Upon arrival at our factory, the basic components of the fibre are cut into desired lengths and bent to the shape we want. Here, the weaving begins and the final touches of sanding and colouring to further enhance the quality of the products we create.